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Middle School

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Our Middle School includes grades 6 – 8. Students in grade 6 begin exploring electives. Students in grades 7 – 8 experience a full rotational block schedule. In addition to preparing them for high school, we feel blessed to have the opportunity to work with adolescents on their faith walk during this important time in their lives.

We recognize that Middle School students typically:
  • Feel concerned about what other people think of them – especially peers
  • Have rapid mood swings, embarrass easily or become self-conscious
  • Seek ways to make friends and get along with family and friends
  • Have an increased desire for independence from family
  • Are physically awkward at times
  • Demonstrate interest in the opposite sex
  • Wonder or worry about their body’s physical changes
  • Show concern about complex social issues like world hunger or nuclear war
  • Imagine themselves in the place or circumstance of others
  • Develop problem-solving strategies
  • Think through possible solutions to a problem before reaching a conclusion
  • Enjoy working in small groups and have the skills necessary to do so successfully
  • Learn best when the teacher teaches in a variety of ways
  • Question their faith
  • Make decisions concerning the importance of a faith relationship with God
  • Respond positively to adults who genuinely care for them and who try to understand their feelings and accept them as valuable persons
  • Begin to develop spiritual practices and a more genuine relationship with God

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