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School Services

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St. John School provides additional school services for our students.Click on any of the links below to find out more about our school services.

Our Extended Care program, known as Centered Care program provides care for children before and after school. We offer a competitive fee structure to meet our families' needs. 


Centered Care

In addition, we have a full capacity food service department that prepares our students' school lunches on-site each day.  With different choices each day, each child is able to select the lunch of his choosing.


School Lunch Program

 Our Learning Center allows us to provide remediation to students who may be struggling in any academic area.


Learning Center

The school library has a great selection of reference books, non-fiction and fiction books to help your student find just what he needs to do complete his work successfully.


School Library

We have an on-site school counselor and a school nurse to help us meet the needs of all of our students.


School Counselor


School Nurse





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