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Greetings, St. John Families new and old!

At St. John we realize that developing a healthy body is just as important as developing a healthy mind and spirit. In accordance with this philosophy we have developed the following school lunch program.

School Lunch Menus

MAY 2019


School Lunch Overview

Early Childhood Lunch Bunch Program

Mission Statement

In being motivated by the Word of God we wish to expand the Kingdom through providing kind, caring and personal service. We will ever strive to meet the nutritional, social and economic needs of our diverse patrons with a variety of innovative food service programs.

Program Overview

St. John Food Service offers four different meal options daily. Snacks and dessert choices are available to students in 5th Grade and up. St. John uses LunchTime, a web based student management system, to facilitate the school lunch program. With a valid login and a password for LunchTime, parents can go online anytime to make payments and view their child’s lunch account balance/purchase history. Learn more below.

LunchTime Instructions

How does it work?

Each student has a card that corresponds to their lunch account. In order to fund the account, pay online at SchoolPaymentPortal.com or use the drop box outside the school office to deposit check or cash. Lunch payments should NOT be given to teachers, school administrative staff or directly to the school lunch cashier.

Monthly Discount Meal Program

A discount program (25% off) is offered to those who wish to purchase an entire month’s worth of meals in advance for September through April. The program includes an entrée selection, sides and beverage. Desserts and snacks are available at additional cost. Purchase is available through SchoolPaymentPortal.com in Items/Fees section by selecting desired month or through paper enrollment forms available at stjstl.net/school-lunch. With this program, credits are not given for days missed due to absence or student’s choice not to purchase on a given day.

How will my child access the funds in his/her account?

Students will be provided with a lunch card marked with a barcode that is linked to their funded account. When making a purchase, the card is shown to the cashier and scanned. Lunch cards are kept in the cafeteria to minimize the chance of loss or damage. Students in 2nd grade and below will use an alternate process for scanning to eliminate the need to carry both their card and tray through the lunch line.

What happens if my child’s lunch account has insufficient funds?

Lunch cards will be withheld for accounts with balances below $.75. In addition, a notice that the account has fallen out of good standing will be sent by email. We ask that all accounts be brought back into good standing as soon as possible. Please contact the lunch cashier at with any questions.

What’s on the menu?

Menus are planned on a monthly basis and is made available two weeks prior to the start of the new month. Daily menu choices include three different entrée options and a variety of side items. A typical tray consists of an entrée, 2–3 sides and beverage (milk, juice, or water). All meals are designed to be well balanced and nutritious.

My child is allergic to peanuts.

The kitchen staff goes to great lengths to provide peanut-free meals. Entrée and sides
served from the kitchen are peanut-free. Items from the snack cart are not guaranteed to be peanut free. Students should ask a member of the school lunch staff if they have a
peanut-related concern.

The lunchroom has designated peanut-free tables. Students with peanut allergies should always sit at these tables. Students without peanut allergy may also sit at this table if they have bought a school lunch or if they have the contents of their lunch brought from home checked by a teacher.

Additional Information

For more details about the Lunch Program at St. John School lunch, please
contact our staff directly.

Grant Cook
Director of Food Services

School Lunch Cashier




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