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Listed below are four goals that outline the benefits of moving our digital technology integration in this direction. While this is by no means an exhaustive list of benefits, they highlight some of the most important outcomes we look to acheive.

We also believe that moving in this direction aligns with our school technology philosophy which states:

At St. John Lutheran School, it is our intent to equip students to be life-long, creative, and innovative learners within the context of digital age skills and tools. As citizens of a world beyond our walls, the characteristics of life-long learning and creative and innovative thinking are key skills needed to provide students with a digital-age education. To this end, technology is our tool of choice.

While schools in our area rush to adopt a 1:1 student/device ratio, using a single technology device for the entire campus, we are confident that students can be successful learners regardless of the technology device they choose to use. Students can be as successful with a $199 Chromebook as they can with a $1500 Macbook Pro Laptop.


Goals of student device inclusion:

Access and increased "time on task"
Any time waiting for school computers to load profiles or personal settings, is time taken away from being on task or productive. As a school we recognize that students and teachers can be more focused and productive when they aren't waiting for a computer lab or laptop cart to become available. Real-time access for real-time learning opportunities.

Familiarity and Ease of Use
When students use a device with which they are familiar, both teachers and students spend less time learning a new program or interface and can be more task oriented with their time. For sure new apps or programs will come along, but with a personal device students can: Share collaborative work, viewing educational content (videos, web pages, pdfs, etc), read and write in an technology enviroment with which they are familiar.

 Responsible Use and Ownership
In general, students take better care of their own property. Ownership not only of the hardware, but ownership of its use as well. When a device malfunctions, students will be in charge of owning the issue and working through a solution, creating a culture of problem-solving.

Refocus School Technology Funds
With students using their own technology device for productivity purposes, St. John can focus its technology resources on high quality production hardware and instructional services rather than on student personal productivity. This not only frees up funds, but room space as well.

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