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Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

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Prepare Your Child for the Path

Students are naturally curious, creative and eager to learn. At St. John School, Kindergarten - 2nd Grade fosters this value through a program that empowers student voice, provides age-appropriate choice, and utilizes hands-on activities that align with our personalized approach. Students experience an education that is tailored to their unique gifts, strengths, and individual needs.

The Classrooms

  • Equip students for a changing world
  • Personalize learning around your child’s strengths and needs
  • Focus on real-life success skills, teaching communication, collaboration, critical thinking skills, as well as how to be self-directing and self-advocating.
  • Encourage the growth of the whole student, academic, emotional, physical, and spiritual.
  • Build a community where students are encouraged to stretch themselves, dig deeper while still being supported.

Parent Testimonial

St. John School has provided our family with the community we need to navigate these formative years for both our children and, let’s be honest, for moms and dads who are ourselves navigating our way through parenthood. We found teachers who love our children and encourage them to grow and learn in many ways. They have a genuine interest in finding exciting, new, forward thinking ways to encourage learning. We have found a home here, where we can be who we are in the season of life that we are in. We have found parents and educators who stand beside us in a journey to raise our children with a great education and a GREAT love for Jesus Christ.

Krista Schweiss

Personalized Learning & The Difference It Makes

Research has shown that a project-based, learner-driven approach to education is the most successful at cultivating real-life success skills in students. Early results show that our students (3rd – 5th Grade) are performing above grade level, progressing faster than conventional classroom peers (notably higher STAR test score), and growing in social-emotional skills at exceptional rates.

Take the Next Step with a Learner Assessment

Our learner assessment will help your family evaluate your child’s progress and preparation.

To schedule an assessment, contact Rachel Bausch at 636.394.4100 (Ext 293) or

To learn more or take a tour, contact Julie Lorenz, Admissions Counselor.

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