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Cougar Spirit Wear

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What is Cougar Spirit Wear?

Cougar Spirit Wear is approved orange and/or blue clothing and accessories with the school's approved Cougar logos.

When to Wear?

Students have the opportunity to wear Cougar Spirit Wear at recess, field trips and on specially designated Cougar Spirit Days. Parents and staff are encouraged to wear Cougar Spirit Wear at school sporting events and around town!

How to Purchase?

Cougar Spirit Wear is organized by a committee within the PTL leadership. Please refer to the committee listing for contact information. The PTL is happy to partner with additional vendors to bring you an even larger selection of Cougar Spirit Wear for your student and family!

Cougar Spirit Wear has two organized sales during the school year, both in the fall.

Order Cougar Spirit Wear 

cougar Spirit Wear

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