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Teacher Appreciation

Teacher Appreciation Days

We are blessed at St. John to have a wonderful staff educating, caring and sharing the Christian faith with our children. In an effort to express our gratitude, the PTL sponsors two Teacher Appreciation Days throughout the school year.

Fall: October 12, 2018
Spring: April 19, 2019

Grades 1-8 "adopt" teachers or faculty members for the year that do not have a homeroom so their hard work and dedication are acknowledged for Teacher Appreciation Days and birthdays. The following table outlines these faculty members and the grades that "adopt" them.



Teacher Favorites

Looking for that perfect gift? Find your teacher's favorite things by using the link provided to you by PTL earlier this year. As many teachers list the names of their children, we wanted to honor requests we had to increase privacy and safety levels.



Adopted Teachers

Our Encore teachers, administration team and other support staff are adopted by different classrooms each year.

Adopted Teacher


Class Adopting

Mrs. Casey Spanish Ms. Winter
Mrs. Blase Art Mrs. Dubberke
Mrs. Vlasich Resource Mrs. Hanson
Mr. Osbourn Principal Mrs. Mueller
Mrs. O'Dell  Centered Care Mrs. Mueller
Lisa Wheeler    School Counselor Miss Winter
Ruth Goetz School Nurse Mrs. Martin
Mrs. Clark Vocal Music Mrs. Liebnau
Mr. Jacklin  Science Mrs. Munoz
Mrs. Childers   Admin Mrs. Munoz
Mr. Dubberke Gym Mr. Luehmann
Mr. Tim Reimann  Chapel Band Mr. Lochmann
Rachel Bausch  Early Childhood Director PTL
Peggy Kamrud     EC Receptionist PTL
EC Counselor PTL


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